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Генетический детектив.От исследования рибосомы к Нобелевской премии - Рамакришнан В.

Geneticheskii detektiv.Ot issledovaniia ribosomy k Nobelevskoi premii
Рамакришнан В. (Ramakrishnan V.)

Item ID : 1210836
Seria : New Science
SKU : VV1210836
ISBN : 9785446111749

Pages : 304
Cover : Hardcover
Year : 2020
Publisher : Издательство Питер ( Izdatel'stvo Piter )

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Краткая аннотация

Венкатраман «Венки» Рамакришнан — американский и британский биохимик, лауреат Нобелевской премии по химии за 2009 год совместно с Томасом Стейцем и Адой Йонат «за исследования структуры и функций рибосомы». С 2015 года президент Королевского общества, член Национальной академии наук США. Все знают о ДНК, молекуле, которая хранит наши гены. Но ДНК бесполезна без рибосомы — уникального процессора, расшифровывающего генетический код. Именно рибосома - двигатель жизни. «Генетический детектив. От исследования рибосомы к Нобелевской премии» — увлекательная история об открытии ее невероятно сложной структуры и о разгадке древней тайны жизни.


Brief Summary

Venkatraman "Venki" Ramakrishnan is an American and British biochemist who won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas Stajtz and Adoya Jonat "for researching the structure and functions of ribosomes." Since 2015, President of the Royal Society, a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Everyone knows about DNA, the molecule that stores our genes. But DNA is useless without ribosome, a unique processor that deciphers the genetic code. It is ribosome - the engine of life. "Genetic Apparatus: In Search of the Secrets of Ribosome" is a fascinating story about the discovery of its incredibly complex structure and the unraveling of the ancient mystery of life.

"If I had been told that the most witty and exciting book I would read this year would be dedicated to ribosomes, I would have laughed in this man's face. But I'd be fundamentally wrong. This book is great."
Bill Bryson

"Science in Ramakrishnan's beautiful book becomes a play with good and bad characters. It acquires a human face - hard work and brilliant ideas are important, but it is also luck, jealousy, money, roulette in the distribution of the main awards, on which further success depends."
Ian McEwan

"Wow! An exciting book about how scientists raced to decipher the structure of ribosomes... Ramacarishnan gives the reader a look into the laboratory and find out what amazing stories are happening there, how science is going on day in and day out."
Nick Lane

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